Who is Frank Kern?

Twenty years ago, 20-year old Frank Kern had lost everything he owned in a flood and was living in an unfurnished, unheated single-wide trailer in Georgia. He was working for minimum wage in a local restaurant, making just enough to eat and keep the lights on.

A move to selling door-to-door didn’t change his lifestyle too drastically, but it did show Kern that he Kern hanging out had a knack for selling. However, it was a borrowed set of Tony Robbins tapes that changed his future forever and led to him becoming a future-changer for thousands of others.

After listening intently and repeatedly to Robbins’ Personal Power tapes, Kern changed his focus and his mindset to that of an entrepreneur. Instead of trying to find a career, he decided to build a business. His first foray into the online marketing world was a $300 course from the late Cory Rudl on how to make money online. He only used a small amount of information in the course, but the steps he did take convinced him that the Internet was where his future was located.

Kern’s Venture into Keyword Research

While looking for a product to sell online, Kern discovered through keyword research that there was a big market for books on teaching parrots to talk. He turned to Elance and found a writer to pen the book for $650. That investment turned into a steady income of $3,000 per month.

Encouraged by his first success with books for pet owners, Kern then came up with an idea for selling a book on dog training to virtually every dog owner. By simply changing a few words in the book and on the websites built for the book, Kern customized the book for different breeds. Essentially, he had 600 different books on dog training being sold on 600 different websites, all for the cost and time of writing a single book.

Frank Kern's mass control 2.0Kern launched the books in 2005 and by 2006 had reaped over a million dollars in sales. An internet marketing career was born.

Frank Kern has since gone on to turn his natural talents as a marketer and his experience with his own niche companies into a consulting empire. In addition to his own varied niche businesses, Kern began teaching others how to do what he was doing so successfully.

Kern’s information products and online courses quickly propelled him to the top of the internet marketing “guru” circle. His Mass Control and Mass Control 2.0 were just the beginning, quickly followed by List Control, Screw Google, Pipeline Profits and other products.

The knowledge shared in these products was backed up by their sales numbers. His Annihilation Method, a dating advice book for men, generated $1.4 million in sales in the first four hours of its launch. The email campaign for Pipeline Profits netted $3.1 million in sales in the first twenty-four hours.   StomperNet, his most successful product launch thus far, reeled in over $18 million dollars in sales in less than one day.

Kern has since turned his attention away from launching his own products and instead speaking to live audiences and sharing what he knows on his website. He speaks at seminars charging $10,000 per seat, yet gives away many of his strategies through his popular blog.Kern's State of the Internet Address

Fran Kern has become legendary for both his knowledge and his character. In a field in which the slick and shady are expected, Kern is known as genuine, low-key, generous and kind. Despite all that, he’s also widely considered to be the very best at what he does – teaching entrepreneurs how to make money online.

Ironically, the man who first inspired Kern, Tony Robbins, has now become one of his biggest endorsers. Like many other well-known and well-respected speakers and consultants, Robbins is vocal about his belief in Kern and what he teaches.

Frank Kern has come a long way since he wondered how he was going to afford heat for his trailer!

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Want More?  Watch the Classic Video Interview Below


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Frank Kern Interviews Tony Robbins

Recently Frank flew to Florida to interview Tony Robbins about his new book.

This book is truly excellent, and it (finally) gives us an easy-to-understand “back stage pass” into the world of true wealth and financial security. – Frank Kern

Watch the entire video interview below.  It’s well worth the time!


You can also see the latest on Frank’s Official Tumblr Blog where he updates it when he feels like it.

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Frank Kern’s “Money is Everywhere”

This is a classic video from a few years ago with Frank and Tony Robbins.  Watch the video below for some entertaining education in the world of online marketing.

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